Normally,the prices for new boats will varydepending on the size and make,although many dealers and manufacturers will be willing to sell youone for less than the cost of a new car payment.

Financing your boat

Financing your boat is just like financing a newcar. Similar to car and home loans,loans forboats have became even easier and more flexible in recent years. The terms will generally range fromtwo to 20 years. To get the most from financing,you should compare rates online.


All new boats are offered with a variety of options and accessories. When you are pricing boats,makesure you factor in the costs of electronics,accessories,Boat Lift and water toys – then buy what’sappropriate for your boat type and size.

Most modern marine electronics are very reliable,loaded with features,and more affordable than ever before. Today’s accessories can make boat trips more fun,safer,and easier than you ever thought possible.

Operating costs

Boating isn’t like driving,as you aren’t usinggas all the time. If you fish or swim with yourboat,your actually not using the motor at all. If you happen to own a sailboat,the motor is used less.

Most boats today are less than 21 feet in length.All of these boats don’t require a lot of gas,with most using less than 50 gallons of gas per season.


Simply washing down your boat,Boatlift and trailer with fresh water after each use will keep them covered between boat trips. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself,you can always hire a professional.


The insurance for boats will vary by length and type.Therefore,you should consult your insurance agent for quotes,or simply shop online.

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