Anyone who has a problem with hair loss knows that there are thousands of products that can allegedly cure it. It’s very likely that you’ve used one or more of these products, and were disappointed with the results. Because most hair loss is hereditary in nature, it’s often difficult to treat. We’ll be mainly looking at natural hair loss treatments in this article, and these have the advantage of being low cost and convenient.

Chinese medicine, herbs that have existed for thousands of years, are often used to treat hair loss and other ailments. Of course, in Chinese medicine everything is connected, so you don’t treat isolated symptoms but different energy systems of the body. By using the ancient Chinese herbs Fo Ti or He Shou Wu, hair loss can be prevented or stopped and the original hair color can be maintained. Hunting for natural remedies then see Aloe Herbal Website for extra information. It is also known to reduce cholesterol levels in your body. This can help promote proper kidney and liver functions. You really want to use reputable Chinese herb distributors as they will provide you with full strength formulas instead of something watered down. Dong quai is a Chinese herb that can be effective for preventing hair loss. The way dong quai -in western herbalism, it’s called angelica- works is by preventing your body from producing too much DHT, the chemical responsible for most hair loss. Dong quai is used for other purposes as well, and is especially recommended for women, but it’s effective for either sex for preventing hair loss. If you want to use this herb, you can probably find it in your local natural food store or online. Since this is a product that’s not hard to find or very expensive, you may want to try it for yourself.

Pattern hair loss, in either men or women, is something that generally starts in middle age (though it can occur in younger people too) and then progresses.

If you have hair loss that’s not general but confined to one or several spots on your head, this is something different. This kind of sudden, localized hair loss is likely to be alopecia areata, and since the usual hair loss products aren’t meant for this you should see your doctor about it. People taking medication sometimes have this kind of hair loss as a side effect; it can also be brought on by autoimmune disorders.  Hunting for natural remedies then see for extra information. Hair usually grows back in such cases when the underlying cause is dealt with.  Hunting for natural remedies then see for extra information.

Hair loss is a condition that has many causes and many possible solutions, and we’ve explored a few of them here.  Hunting for natural remedies then see AloeHERBAL for extra information. Ask your doctor if you’re uncertain about the origin of your hair loss. Since hair loss can sometimes be caused by medical conditions, side effects from medications and other things, it’s best to be certain.

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