The lunch bunch had a wonderful treat on Valentine’s day. Nine of Bethel’s people were ordering lunch when Limited Edition came in and delivered a “Singing Valentine” and a red rose to each of the ladies, compliments of Lance Shew. Thank you, Lance. Lunch was delayed while Jeff, Charlie, Tom and John sang four songs for us. Limited Edition is a quartet from the Pontiac – Waterford Big Chief Chorus, where Lance is a member. They sing a variety of music — barbershop, show tunes, doo wop, seasonal songs, upbeat and ballad — all in the a cappella style. I liked the one, “I met my gal at the auction house.” They started that one out by asking the men, “How did you meet your wife?” Lee said he stole Betty from her husband who happened to be his boss. I wonder if Lee lost that job? In my monthly musings I don’t intend to offend anybody. I’m just thinking, on paper, things that come to my mind and I talk about them. Pastor Diana said if I publish something I have to own it. I thought long and hard about that and decided, no, I don’t have to own it. I can think something one day when I’m writing my column and think and feel differently the next day. I might find out something that changes what I wrote the day or month before and that’s alright. There is too much political correctness going around these days. It makes it hard for people to speak their mind. People walk around with their feelings on their shoulders just waiting to hear something that offends them. They call the PC police and say, “Did you hear that?” Then they focus on that one thing and do not hear the rest of the words or they leave never to return. Or if someone is reading my column and becomes offended at one line then he may not read the rest of the column and never read another of my stories. We are too sensitive and that stops us from speaking out when something needs to be talked about. There was a man who loved to get his mother gifts for “Mother’s Day”. He found the most wonderful birds at the pet store. They were $5000.00 each. He sent the birds to her and couldn’t wait to find out how she liked them. He called her and said, “Mom, what did you think of the birds?” She said, “They was good.” He said, “Oh no, you didn’t eat them did you? They cost five thousand dollars each. They could sing and dance and talk.” “Well, they should have said something.”. I think it is about time we say something before we are eaten. And I don’t think we should be chastised for speaking out. We can still learn from each other and be respectful of those we disagree with but still speak up. The biggest waste of time (in my opinion) is trying to find whom to blame for mistakes. Wouldn’t it be better to find answers instead of playing the blame game? Of all the things we refuse to take these days, personal responsibility seems to be number one. We would solve a lot more problems if we spent twice as much time looking for solutions and half as much time looking for someone to blame. Taking personal responsibility is easy to do, just say what you’ll do and do what you say. And NEVER forget a promise.
I have been pondering what anger does to us. How it can hurt and change people. True anger is a natural emotion that all humans have on occasion. Have you ever seen a baby as young
as 3 months when he gets angry? He screams with his mouth wide open. He makes fists of both hands and squeezes his eyes shut tight and flails with his arms and legs. Sometimes his face turns
bright red with anger. The baby doesn’t feel personal responsibility to control his anger and he shouldn’t. When we become an adult true anger is the emotion which strives to hurt or punish its
object, cruelly, knowingly and willfully. The power of anger is awesome. It has the power to destroy or to correct injustice that can be paralyzing and demoralizing. Don’t waste your anger on minor
targets. Remember we have a role model in Jesus.
Just say, “What would Jesus do.?”
Nola (the apple of God’s eye)
Youseetimmy: In the middle of a crisis the only one smiling is the one who has already figured out who he is going to blame.

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